JPE SERVICES is a one stop company for your projects needs proving a wide range of services for industrial automation and information systems, including engineering, project management, commissioning services, technical support, consulting services in various industry segments like Power Generation, Oil & Gas, Chemical etc ..
The company has been officially established in 2007 and founded by Pietro Paci which has been operating in the industrial automation business for more than three decades (under ORSI Group, Cube Technology then Siemens Energy and Automation).

Our Specialties

JPE SERVICES provides and manages engineering, consulting, commissioning and application support services for industrial automation (hardware, software applications) projects in various industry segments with a special focus on legacy products and migration projects specifically on PLC/DCS and SCADA areas.

Our mission is to support our clients in all the different aspects of the project, with the integration of project management with engineering and support services . Our specific expertise in ORSI® Automation SCADA (CUBE/SIMATIC IT) and process control products (PMC) makes us the ideal partner for migration projects that are related to ORSI® legacy products.

Our business is based on a foundation of 30+ years in the industrial automation arena with applications in various industries and countries this allows us to provide a very professional skilled approach to every project. Our hands-on experience is more on ORSI® Automation and SIEMENS technology but with the support of a network “very trusted” partners we can incorporate as “extended service” other types of applications or technologies.

In addition we can provide spare part management services (parts and repair services) for almost every type of technology present in the industrial automation business.

Our Services

JPE Services Inc. provides a wide range of services, specific for industrial automation applications, in different industry segments (Chem-Pharm, Food & Beverage, Steel, Power Generation etc…).

Application Oriented Services

Legacy Systems 360° Support

Services for Energy & Utilities

Technical Translation

Affiliations, Memberships and Certifications

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