The aging of a control system (including the SCADA) is a crucial element for the reliability and stability of your application.

There are various factors that can improve the condition and stretch the life of your control system among them:

  • Preventive & Regular maintenance programs
  • Periodic System inspections
  • Networking tests & verifications
  • Workstation maintenance (including old and obsolete PC & workstation)
  • Verify installed base, HW/FW/SW versions check, upgrade capabilities, spare parts inventory review
  • Configuration review,
  • Existing issues review


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With either an obsolete or an up to date control system sometimes there is the need to expand the existing application, integrate it with other system or simply migrate a legacy application.. for all these needs we can help, here are some of the services that we do provide to our clients:

  • FEED studies
  • Reverse engineering
  • Application analysis
  • Migration scenarios/options
  • Integration with other systems
  • Minor upgrades


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From the technology point of view both the industrial automation and the IT applications have made huge steps forward giving us new performance levels, diagnostic capabilities, new needs for integration but in the same time vulnerability of an improper access to your control systems.
To address all these areas we do have an Improvement and stabilization program which may include the following services.

  • Networking analysis (both IT and fieldbus side)
  • Application diagnostics
  • Minor HW/SW upgrades
  • Cyber security review


Now more than ever the control system and his supervisory system have to be up and running all the time, for this reason there are some procedures, combined with the proper spare part and maintenance plan that can minimize the potential downtime allowing our clients to have a fast restart … here are some of the common area of intervention for an efficient disaster & recovery plan:

  • Application backup (applications, databases, HDD imaging, licenses recovery solutions etc..)
  • Shadow & Engineering systems
  • Spare parts inventory review

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