Site assessment prerequisites information

To facilitate the on-site activities, it is recommended to provide JPE with all the necessary information about the application for example:

  • Control system inventory (hardware) Type
  • Control system inventory (software) Type
  • When was done the last application backup (for each system) and in which type of support (floppy, tape etc…);
  • Existing issues/worries: ….
  • Provide some pictures of the various control systems (CPU racks, inside cabinet, engineering station);
  • Some kind of architecture drawing of the various control systems.

What should be ready prior the JPE visit will take place

What should be ready prior the visit will take place

There are some basic information and documents that could be very valuable if will be available prior the visit not only to narrow down the scope of the on-site activities, to be properly prepared for the visit, minimize the time of the visit and the report preparation.

  • Current spare parts inventory list;
  • Electronic copy of the control system electrical drawings (including architecture & network)

Nice to have

  • a sort of log book of the recent system failures,
  • list of the installed base per system,
  • a recent application backup (if any).

Scope of work

These are some of the activities that are usually included in a Site Assessment service:

  • Review status of past and existing problems;
  • Control and supervisory systems visual inspection;
  • Spare part inventory check (including current repair requests);
  • Current maintenance practice review;
  • Current technical support mechanism review.

.. and may include the following noninvasive activities:

  • Full assessment of installed base inventory (both control and supervisory systems);
  • Spare parts inventory review (what is available, what is could be needed, what needs to be repaired)
    Identify current maintenance practice (basic recommendations & review);
  • Identify current disaster & recovery plan (basic recommendations & review);
  • Application review (including application backup);
  • Application / Project documentation availability & review;
  • Potential remote connection capability review;
  • Basic improvement plan review.

JPE Services, Site Assessment & Report on a laptop and tablet monitors

All the above-mentioned activities are noninvasive and consequently doesn’t require downtime.

Within 2-3 weeks from the visit it will be released a detailed report which will be the foundation for the discussion on the following topics:

  • Maintenance plan set-up;
  • Disaster & Recovery plan;
  • Spare parts management optimization;
  • Potential application improvements and/or migration scenarios;
  • Potential training needs;
  • Potential Technical support agreement;
  • Preventive maintenance visit (based on system status).

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